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Lakush Institute is now academically well resourced and every teaching venue is equipped with drop down screens and data projectors together with interactive white boards in specialist classrooms.

Our aim is to:

  • provide our learners with a balanced education by focusing on academics in such a way that they will take their place in the community as well-educated people
  • use sport and cultural activities as educational opportunities to the benefit of the participant.


Our vision and aims 

To provide "Training Incentives for Excellences" (LIFE)

  • LIFE is all about people, should it be in training, acting as a Tourist Guide, Service provider or just enjoying a holiday as a Tourist. The person should always be the focal point.
  • In the Tourism Industry, information plays a vital role, from the planning of an itinerary, the costing, right through to the delivery and feedback reports. We therefore have the following approach and vision:
    • To establish and reinforce core information.
    • To ensure that students, Tourist Guides, Tour Operators etc. are provided with the necessary material.
    • To supply ample visual material (photos, presentations, audio ,etc.) to support the learning process.
    • To stimulate and encourage a culture of curiosity.
    • Finally, to encourage people "to love their land, embrace the people and be informed"

Transport is available for transporting participant to and from guest house. Also use to transport delegates to and from airport, field trips, both local and international trips.

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