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 Customised Programmes

The Modern employee Of Today NeedsTo Be More Commercially Astute, Proactive, Creative, Inspiring, Motivating & Have Great Interpersonal & People Skills!

To be a successful manager and leader in the 21stCentury requires a different set of skills than in previous times.

Never before have the demands been greater.

Being good at “The process” and the technical side of things is not good enough! Today, the modern manager needs to be more commercially astute, proactive, creative, inspiring, motivating and have great interpersonal and people skills.

Our experience has confirmed that, as management techniques have advanced rapidly, training and development of employees has had to change radically to match these advancements.

LAKUSH INSTITUTE have developed a unique offering in the market place – the ability to support the employees in the short, medium and long-term development of their own skills and attitudes by a mixture of workshop environments, a blended approach to learning and continuous support by email and the telephone. Our approach is based upon the assumption that your staff learn best by doing, rather than just seeing and hearing. From attending our programmes and experiencing our new, fresh and innovative approach to management training, each delegate will go away with a tool kit of effective management and leadership skills that will enable them to improve their own performance and get them into good habits.

It is very easy to apply, you can do it online, just click here. We would like to stress that you should not feel confined by the training programmes presented to you.

Should you feel that your identified training need is not met by the programmes presented here, please communicate to the Director of Programmes , We will design a customised programme to meet your needs. 

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