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 The CBP certification process not only measures the candidate’s knowledge of exam segment areas but also ensures that the candidate has participated in an intensive program at a professional learning environment. This ensures that successful candidates are fully equipped to demonstrate all the competencies required in this program.

Certification Requirements

Steps to attaining the CBP certification

  • Attend the official courses at a CBP Authorized Training Partner, (CBP ATP) and possess course completion certificates. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • After completing the official courses, the candidate must pass the course specific multiple-choice scenario based certification exam ‘the CBP certification exam’ at a Prometric CBP Authorized Testing Center. Click here to view the CBP Certification Road Map.

    OR take one (1) CBP Executive Fast Track exam that tests the five (5) CBP Foundation courses.

Upon completion of these requirements, the candidate will be mailed their CBP certificate within four to six weeks.

Certification Agreement
To become CBP certified, candidates must pass the CBP Exam by Prometric.





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