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About CBP

The Certified Business Professional Program is an international industry credential that validates and develops the business professional. A typical candidate is a professional in pursuit of excellence and is committed to exceeding and surpassing all standards for the business professional. The CBP program establishes a foundation-level, industry-neutral certification for business professionals enabling employers and the candidate to have a platform to develop the CBP for targeted positions within corporations. The CBP also develops important life-skills that transcend the work environment into many aspects of living.

The workshops, lectures, simulations and hands-on sessions provide the training and learning environment to maximize the candidate's potential. The certification examination measures the skills and knowledge earned by the program.

The program was developed by industry-wide and cross platform job task analysis and consultation with key industry representatives to ensure the program’s effectiveness and applicability. This ensures that the candidate is exposed to functional business tasks and gains practical exposure to the work environment.

The Value of the CBP Certification

Almost every job has a core set of technology and business components that requires the professional to develop information technology and business skills. As many professionals pursue their careers in the workplace, there is a need to differentiate between “ordinary employment seekers” and “certified professionals”.

The CBP certification provides this differentiator by certifying that the professional can demonstrate specific skill sets. Candidates who demonstrate technical and business skills with a widely recognized certification are on the path to excellence and professional development.

Industry standards, business ethics and certification of professionals become critical to ensuring higher performance standards are achieved in the workplace. The CBP certification is the only certification that combines IT and business skills in one certification.

Benefits of CBP Certification to the Enterprise

  • Establishes best practices
  • Access to a network of global industry and subject matter/domain experts
  • Adds to credibility with the rigor and regimen of the certification examinations
  • Simple and reliable program that can be integrated into recruitment and staffing processes
  • Increase your skilled workforce at reduced costs training costs
  • Enhance production and performance levels
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction

Benefits of CBP Certification to the Professional

  • Confirms a working knowledge of business and technology skills
  • Career differentiator, with peer networking and added credibility
  • Broadening expectation of credentials
  • Proof of professional achievement
  • Enhanced Employability
  • A business foundation to pursue additional corporate career paths

Who Should Earn a CBP Certification?

CBP certification is important for all types of professionals, including career changers, Business professionals to school leavers. For career changers, CBP is an excellent way to re-enter the job market because the curriculum covers core Business and technology skills. CBP covers industry standards and leading productivity technologies. Career changers are not limited by knowledge of only one Business competency.

For Business professionals, a CBP certification demonstrates knowledge of industry standards, best practices, and leading Business and employability skills.

For experienced professionals: If an experienced Business professional does not already have a widely recognized certification, he or she should earn a certification to show current or potential employers of their skills and expertise.

How to Find or Offer CBP training?

CBP instructor-led courses for classroom training are offered only through CBP Authorized Training Providers (CBP ATPs).

Our Vision:

As CBP is the fastest growing soft-skills program in the world, our vision for Africa is to:

  • Equip as many quality training providers on the continent with the essential business certifications to up skill and train their clients to international levels.
  • To assist the training industry in Africa, by providing cost effective and easy to implement training initiatives to help increase their training revenue and enhance their product offering.
  • To elevate the basic business standards among African business professionals to one international standard, ensuring that every person and company is operating at the same level, regardless of what country or job role they are in.

 About the IBTA - International Business Training Association:

The International Business Training Association, IBTA is a knowledge-centered organization committed to the training and certifying of business professionals to international standards.

The International Business Training Association is global organization dedicated to:

  • Maintaining a common body of knowledge for business professionals 
  • Providing global leadership in soft-skills for business professionals Certifying business professionals in international standards.
  • Administering training and certification examinations 
  • Ensuring credentials are maintained and relevant through continuing education policies 

The IBTA's Mission:

  • To equip business professionals with the skills and certification required to meet and surpass business standards in our global industries.


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