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Lakush Institute of Management & Technology is an African organization that specializes in economic/commercial and social development. We work with clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and apply our expertise to improve the economic and social conditions of the countries in which we operate, the Southern Some parts of Africa Development Community member states with a closer focus on those with poverty alleviation focused countries within AFRICA.

Lakush Institute of Management & Technology provides a broad range of services and products. We are articular for our capacity to deploy integrative and multidisciplinary skills across the full strategy and policy cycle for both the public and private sectors. It has a special focus on challenging market trends organizational transformation, investments options, portfolio analysis and projects implementation issues. We aim to deliver real service benefit to clients and the society through the work we do. Our concept is that to develop good policy it is important to understand how to deliver it; and in order to deliver well you must understand the policy you serve. We work at national, regional and local levels. Our work for regional, national and local clients has always been above clients’ expectations because we first comprehend various macro and micro environmental factors related to clients’ situations. Lakush Institute of Management & Technology team members are dedicated experts from academia, profession (practice) and consultancy. We draw upon and share the best practice both within Lakush Institute of Management & Technology and with academic and other partners internationally to deliver work of the highest quality.

Areas of focus and scope

The focus of Lakush Institute of Management & Technology is on the range: business, economic, social, spatial and environmental. Specific areas of specialization include: markets and sectors, innovation, science and technology policy; labor, education and social policy; urban and regional development; transport, logistics and infrastructure; housing and commercial real estate; energy, water and environment.

Corporate Clients

In Swaziland, Lakush Institute of Management & Technology has earned the confidence of a diversity of clients. Our corporate clients include government institutions, public, private (medium-sized and largest multinationals) and nonprofit organizations. Our public clients range from local authorities via national government departments and agencies to international institutions.

Staff: highly qualified and familiar with clients’ needs

Lakush Institute of Management & Technology approximately 600 free lance consultants and staff in deferent SADC member states to serve the interests of our clients. We put great emphasis on offering all staff ample scope to develop their talents in a stimulating international working environment. This has enabled us to attract and retain specialists of the highest calibre. They are familiar with the need for adjustment to the environment in which the client, beneficiary or counterpart operates. They are quick to understand the challenges and problems that face the various stakeholders. They are familiar with working in multidisciplinary teams and co-operating with partners from different cultural and educational backgrounds.

Approach: sound analysis, inspiring ideas

Our company slogan indicates clearly that we pride ourselves in our ability to add value to clients’ organizations by providing them with efficient and effective innovative consultancy services and solutions. To ensure full satisfaction of our clients’ needs arising from fast changing environment, we offer a wide range of sound research, quality Analysis, innovative strategies and many more portfolios. To most our clients, we have become their think tank or bank of their knowledge and innovation for growth of their organizations.

Respect for our values

Companies constituting Lakush Institute of Management & Technology have respect for our values of independence, integrity and partnership. Our reputation for quality is based on the use of the best available research, knowledge and expertise.

Our Vision is

  1. To be the leading quality training-service provider of choice.
  2. To equip the African citizens with skills to become productive, empowered and Internationally recognized.
  3. To continuously improve the quality of skills provided thereby enabling companies to meet the demands of this fast moving market 


In support of this vision, we at LAKUSH INSTITUTE;

  • Provide a comfortable training environment for participants
  • Form partnership with world class professional trainers to impact cutting edge knowledge onto   participants.
  • Use state of the art training materials and methodology in delivering our training programme
  • Encourage participatory learning and professionalism.
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